Binge: The Marty Party Tradition.

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It is spring semester at the University of Arizona and the wheel of heavy drinking has come full circle as students prepare themselves once again for Marty Party, the bi-annual offering to the gods of reckless merry-making, which has worked its self into the very fabric of Tucson life since its humble beginnings as a friendly wager between inebriated dormmates. Marty Party has built its name in the lexicon of seasoned party-goers by always coming back stronger than before. But faced with the mountainous expectations created by its own reputation, will Marty Party be able to stand tall, or will it become the Pompeii of college could-have-beens? This is MARTY PARTY.

In order of appearance:

1. Nick Smith, Party-goer, University of Pittsburg Student.

2. Austin Stewart, Founding Member of Marty Party, University of Arizona Student.

3. Keith Hickman-Perfetti, Party-goer, University of Arizona Student.

4. Susan Kinkade, Registered Nurse, UMC.

Second Element:

A long day before the party actually started: > Timeline. <


Marty Party’s Aftermath.

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Into each life, some rain must fall, even if that rain is comprised of red cups. Marty Party, the main event of a semester of heavy drinking, is second in spectacle only to its aftermath, a house and yard awash in a sea of poor decisions.

Exploring the International Market.

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A montage of scenes from Minnesotan Hmong life. Much like its halls protect the people from the bitterness of the Minnesota winter, the International Market does its best to preserve the intricacies of traditional Hmong culture, providing an oasis of n’er forgotten Hmong food, crafts and culture; a shelter from the modern influences which at all times assail the rituals of these modern nomads.

(Technical difficulties arose heavily from this project, the audio is no longer with us..)

-Cold Pancakes


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For my latest assignment, we are learning how to create maps and plot points.

This map below, shows the top 10 locations of stolen vehicles from January to June of 2010 in the Tucson area.

Sending your elderly loved one to a nursing home? Don’t want them to be abused by employees? Avoid these red dot locations at all costs!


– Cold Pancakes.




The Daily Grind.

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Rollerblading to many means middle school, 80s movies, and suburban neighborhoods with bright green lawns, but to some rollerblading takes on a dimension of pain, devotion, and identity, the likes of which can be akined to the more “hardcore” sports of today. For Tucson resident and veteran rollerblader Josh Morgan, rollerblading is the way he defines himself and his life, one rail grind, one bad fall, and one perfect landing at a time.


[*Make sure to watch in HD!*]

Josh also thanks rollerblading for his new found love in photography and cinematography.


-Cold Pancakes

The Hunter’s First Kill

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Mike Priest was raised in a hunting family, and recalls his first “real” hunting experience at the age of 15 with bigger pray such as his first deer kill. As a child, Priest used to only hunt small animals such as birds, quails and rabbits. Priest is an alumni of the University of Arizona with a major in Wildlife Management and currently is filling his free time with hunting seasons here in Arizona.

(Note: The ambient noise at the start is loading a bullet into a bolt action rifle by pulling the bolt back first and pushing it forward, loading the bullet, and for safety reasons the final noise at the end of interview is just pulling the trigger without a bullet actually in the chamber.)

Visiting Giffords Memorial

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On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 I went to visit United States Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ office memorial on Pima Street and ¬†Swan Road where I saw three little girls about to place a poster that was signed by them and their fellow students at Sunrise Drive Elementary in Tucson, Ariz. Watching the girls at first writing their letters to Giffords to place inside a box, I took up my camera and decided to document their placing of the poster and watch the girls write more messages on their poster to the recovering Giffords.

Placing the Flag for Giffords

Katie Burns, 5, Meghan Burns, 8, and Taylor Goebel, 7, (left to right) are seen placing rocks on the poster created by themselves and fellow students at Sunrise Drive Elementary at Gabrielle Giffords' office on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011 in Tucson, Ariz. Katie is currently in Kindergarden, her sister, Meghan is a 2nd grader along with Taylor. (Photography by Kiely Katz)

Taylor writes additional message to Giffords

Taylor Goebel, 7, is seen writing a message with her pen on the flag memorial poster created by her fellow students at Sunrise Drive Elementary. When later asked to smile for a final picture, Goebel apologized about her missing teeth, completely adorable. (Photography by Kiely Katz)

Currently, I am working on a slideshow to incorporate additional images from the girls, check back on Sunday (30th) for the complete image gallery of the girls and their poster.

– Cold Pancakes.